vwm is a minimalist, keyboard-centric X11 window manager.



vwm is not:


Included in the vwm source tree is a standalone CPU utilization monitoring utility called vmon.
vmon produces the same realtime CPU graphs as vwm does for its managed windows, but makes them generally available externally and independent of vwm, e.g.:

vmon facilitates capturing of its X window contents by monitored commands via string interpolation, making available its X window id as '%W' at runtime.

The recordMyDesktop X desktop recording tool for instance accepts an X window id as an option.
Combined with its lightweight capture and deferred encoding, this makes for convenient and surprisingly useful scripted recordings of high-level CPU utilization runs, e.g:


At this time the only documentation is the README found in the source.


`git clone https://git.pengaru.com/git/vwm`

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